Here's The Giant List of PPC Improvements You'll Never Have To Think About Again

See anything missing from the list below? Let us know and we'll make sure it's added to your marketing plan.

  • Manual Bid Optimizations
  • PPC Call Tracking
  • Automatic Bid Optimizations
  • Traffic Quality Improvements
  • Keyword Match Type Selections
  • ROI Conversion Tracking
  • Quality Score Improvements
  • Display Campaign Targeting
  • A/B Ad/Image Split Testing
  • Analytics Improvements
  • Keyword Refinement/Expansion
  • Bid Modifiers
  • Competitor Watching


  • Negative Keyword Additions
  • Day Parting Improvements
  • Image Ad Creation & Split Testing
  • Ad Extension Granularity
  • Single Keyword Ad Groups
  • YouTube Campaign Refinement
  • Keyword Tapering Ad Groups
  • Expansion Opportunities
  • Retargeting Campaign Tactics
  • New Beta Releases
  • Creative Ad Copywriting
  • Dynamic Copy Testing
  • Geo-Targeting Improvements

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