How are we Different

Our data quality and server capabilities are second to none and allow each ongoing executed campaign to sustain consistent  results which is not the standard in this industry. If we notice that  a campaign is not performing well we first will address the client  and review the creative for any messaging loopholes which may  cause a lack of effectiveness.  We will then modify the campaign to  help optimize the results in real time to the levels expected. 



Our # 1  priority is client satisfaction and building a long-term partnership  with our customers.

Case Study


Our client, is a boutique executive recruitment firm that specializes in talent acquisition for the manufacturing vertical. At the time we began working with them they had a total of 4 employees and were generating approximately $270k in annual revenue. Their goals are to grow the business to $1m in 2 years, and $5m within 5 years.


The client was having a very difficult time growing beyond their current level and was not able to hire additional staffing to dedicate to sales. Additionally, their marketing budget was limited.

Campaign Strategy:

In this case, we followed a formula we have used with several of our B2B clients that has produced positive results. After defining the target buyer, which were HR professionals (VP level & up) within the target vertical of manufacturing. We queried our B2B business data files for the email addresses of the target buyers, consisting of over 125,000 records. We then executed a highly focused outbound email marketing campaign to this audience on a monthly basis, and retargeting the emails with both social media and display ads. The interested buyers were then directed to the clients inbound lead capture process for qualification.


In the first year of employing this strategy, our client acquired over 40 new clients that resulted in at least one placement per company, and several with multiple placements. These newly acquired clients resulted in an annualized billing revenue of over $875,000.


Campaign investment for the year was $30,000, resulting in $600,000 in new revenue. ROI = $30k / $600k = 20X ROAS = $570k

Real Estate Agency Marketing

We ran this campaign for a total of 50 days using an outbound email marketing campaign to targeted in market buyers and Facebook advertising, re-targeting the same audience. Most people want to over complicate online marketing, but it comes down to thing things;

1. Targeted traffic

2. Conversions of that traffic into action (i.e.- leads)

That’s it. Don’t make it harder than it is.

Real Estate Marketing Case Study: 226 leads in 50 days


Duration: 50 Days

Leads Generated: 226

Cost per lead: $1.79 

On average, 5% of these leads turn into conversations, which is actually really good using Facebook. When you’re paying $1.79 / lead, this translates to about $36 per conversation. According to a study by National Association of Realtors®, 66% of buyers and 65% of sellers speak to only one agent before selecting one to work with. That means two-thirds of people hire the only agent they speak with. You can use this to your advantage!

Real Estate Agency Marketing

A Real Estate agency in a mid-size city selling houses, townhomes and condos while also offering property management services and real estate investment opportunities. The client’s main objective was to focus on acquiring a larger number of real estate sellers as the priority while not ignoring the more competitive buyer market.


Clients that wish to attract local customers, such as real estate agents and real estate companies, must have their Google Business updated to be listed on search results. Our first task was to contact listing websites, verify and update all listings. Key pages of the client’s website were optimized and new content pages were written and published attract specific customer types. SEO, Content and Social Media Marketing were ongoing. To acquire links and rank for additional search terms, a blog was created from day one with regular blog posts that answered real estate questions posed by local buyers and sellers attracted new visitors who were looking for expertise in the local real estate market.

  •  Search Engine Optimization 
  • Content Marketing
  •  Social Media Marketing


An increase in new visitors & organic traffic has resulted in continued growth year after year.

Are you looking for help with marketing your mortgage brokerage in USA? The task of marketing mortgage services can be challenging and it’s important to understand what tactics and initiatives will work — and what won’t work.
At Lead Better Digital, our team has in-depth experience marketing to homeowners and developing strategies for mortgage brokers and mortgage lenders. We have firsthand knowledge of what strategies are able to effectively generate leads in the mortgage industry.
Read our case study for more details:

The Client

MyLoanCare came to Lead Better Digital near the end of 2018. Their goal was to create an approachable and professional brand, and build a marketing campaign that would increase lead conversion — they also wanted to be known as the top alternative lender for A- and B+ mortgage clients. They needed help to develop a multi-channel campaign to build their brand and generate leads for their business. Main Street Mortgage’s promise is to make it simple to access a mortgage, regardless of your situation. They believe that everyone should be able to access the resources required to secure a mortgage for their home — even if they are struggling with bruised credit, a lower declared income, or other challenging circumstances.

The Marketing Campaign

To help MyLoanCare build a new, reputable brand and achieve their marketing goals, Lead Better Digital developed and implemented a marketing campaign that would accomplish both of the client’s primary goals: (a) brand-building and (b) lead generation.

The marketing campaign for Main Street Mortgage included:

  •  Strategic Messaging & Buyer Personas Creation
  • New Branding & Logo Design
  • New Website
  • SEO Work (Blogging & Link Building)
  • Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Advertising
  • Video Production

Building a Marketing Strategy

To set a solid strategic direction for MyLoanCare’s campaign, our team developed four distinct buyer personas in collaboration with the client, as part of their strategic messaging session. These personas aligned with their target audience and lay the foundation for the content writing and the development of their website.
The four buyer personas were:

  • Divorced or Separated Couples
  • Discharged Bankrupts
  • New Immigrants to Canada
  • New Entrepreneurs

Lead Better Digital ensured that these personas were factored in when building a mobile-responsive, user-friendly website. The new website was strategically built to convert website traffic to leads, using four specific landing pages (one for each persona), and was optimized with researched keywords to help the site rank well in organic search.

Creating High-Quality Video Content

Along with the development of the website, Lead Better Digital’s team produced six 30-second tip videos, which supported the new brand, the customer experience, and the goals of the marketing campaign.
An individual video was created to address the specific challenges of each of the four buyer personas and marketed towards them as a cold audience on Facebook. If someone engaged with a specific video, either by watching it or clicking through to the website, then they would be served additional videos that talked about the overall vision and approach of the MyLoanCare brand.
These videos were responsible for reaching over 120,000 users on Facebook and generating over 5,000 link clicks to either the landing pages or the Main Street Mortgage Facebook page.

The Brand Creation Process

The first phase of the campaign was to develop a new brand name and logo design, which would be used in the campaign and in future marketing materials. During our initial strategic messaging session, our team collaborated with the client to identify the brand vision and core values, and to generate ideas for potential business names — in addition to the four buyer personas mentioned earlier.
A few weeks after the strategic messaging session, our team presented the client with two final concepts, including logo designs, preliminary branding guides, and mock-ups showcasing examples of the new logo on web pages, in print designs, on signage, etc. 

Creating A New, SEO-Focused Website

After completing the branding process, our team began developing the new website. The website was launched on a new domain in midApril 2018 and was supported with a paid search campaign to showcase the new brand and raise awareness in select geographies. The new site’s content included four conversion-focused landing pages (one for each buyer persona), which were designed for both organic search and to support paid search campaigns, as well as eight blogs targeting specific keyword topic clusters related to the buyer personas.
As we were launching a new domain, our team put a heavy focus on off-page SEO to mitigate what’s known as the Sandbox Effect (a Google filter that prevents new sites from ranking in top results initially), including a comprehensive citation audit and cleanup, as well as a link building package.

The new website build and SEO work resulted in over 2,500 users in the first year, a bounce rate under 60%, and 33 conversions from organic traffic alone.

The site was also able to capture a number of featured snippets and top organic rankings for popular search terms, which were closely related to the buyer personas that we had created. 

Planning a Search & Remarketing Campaign

In addition to the website work, Lead Better Digital’s team used researched, integrated marketing strategies to build a sophisticated
search and remarketing campaign that would drive lead generation and boost brand awareness. To accomplish these goals, we built two different campaigns targeting two different audiences.
We used remarketing strategies with Facebook Advertising and Google Ads to drive consumers to a specific landing page.
• If the consumer entered their contact information they would be entered into an automated email marketing campaign. • If the consumer did not input their information, our Facebook Pixel and Google Remarketing code would target them with specific ads related to the page they had just visited. We also ensure that existing clients received email marketing and advertising with valuable content and information that related to the additional services offered by MyLoanCare.
In combination, the search and remarketing campaign brought over 3,500 users to the website and resulted in over 40 conversions. Every landing page generated qualified leads for MyLoanCare.

Campaign Overview

So what does all of this mean for MyLoanCare?
Lead Better Digital’s digital marketing efforts have helped to establish MyLoan Care’s new brand and provide solid traffic to their new site. From a new domain with zero presence, the site has grown over the past year to receive an average of ~500 users and 5 conversions on a monthly basis, mostly from organic, direct, and referral traffic. With paid search and remarketing campaigns as an option to provide an additional source of traffic and leads, the MyLoanCare website and brand is well-positioned for continued growth as a premier provider of A- and B+ lender mortgages.
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Chrysler Dodge Jeep NorthEast Region

Campaign Structure (Data, Channels, Traffic Metrics)

  • Campaign Period: June 23 to July 23, 2018
  • Consumers Targeted: 10,000
  • Geography: Dealership PMA (Primary Market Area)
  • Audience Targets: Super Responder (Lease Expires, New Movers, New Parents, Newlyweds, New teen drivers, In-Market Buyers) 
  • Emails Delivered: 2 separate deployments of 10,000 (total of 20,000 records delivered in a 30 day period)
  • Social Media Impressions: 40,417
  • Email Opens: 2,805
  • Email Clicks: 312
  • Social Media Clicks: 289
  • Total Clicks: 601

Campaign Performance (ROI/ROAS)

  • Investment: $2,000
  •  New/Used Vehicle Sales Attribution: 6
  • Cost per Vehicle Sold: $333
  • Service ROs generated: 45
  • Service ROs (New, not in Dealer DMS): 3
  • Service ROs (One year + dormant DMS): 8
  • Cost per Service RO Attribution: $181.82
  • Cost per Sale & Service RO (combined): $117.65

Chrysler Dodge Jeep SouthWest Region

Campaign Structure (Data, Channels, Traffic Metrics) 

  • Campaign Period: June 25 to July 25, 2018
  • Consumers Targeted: 15,000
  • Geography: Dealership PMA (Primary Market Area)
  • Audience Targets: Super Responders (Lease Expires, New Movers, New Parents, Newlyweds, New Teen Drivers, In-Market Buyers)
  • Emails Delivered: 2 separate deployments of 15,000 (Total of 30,000 records delivered within a 30-day period)
  • Social Media Impressions: 60,545
  • Email Opens: 4,226
  • Email Clicks: 348
  • Social Media Clicks: 374
  • Total Clicks: 722

Campaign Performance (ROI/ROAS)

  • Investment: $3,000
  • New/Used Vehicle Sales Attribution: 11
  • Cost per Vehicle Sold: $273
  • Service ROs Generated: 38
  • Service ROs (New, not in Dealer DMS): 10
  • Service ROs (One Year + dormant DMS): 18
  • Cost per Service RO Attribution: $107.14
  • Cost per Sale & Service RO (combined): $76.92

Jeep Case Study

Campaign Structure (Data, Channels, Traffic Metrics)

  • Campaign Period: May 18 to June 18, 2018
  • Consumers Targeted: 20.000
  • Audience Segments: 20 mile radius of dealership location, 2005-2015 Chrysler brand owners and competitive brand owners in market
  •  Audience Targets: Super Responder Types, Demograpr-ks, Geo Range, etc.
  • Emails Delivered: 2 separate deployments of 20,000 records (two drops to the same 20k audience; total of 40k deployed in 30 day period)
  • Social Media Impressions: 80,504
  • Email Opens: 6,489 (16.22%)
  • Email Clicks: 350 (0.88%)
  • Social Media Clicks: 419 (0.52%)

Campaign Performance (ROI/ROAS)

  • Investment: $4,000
  • New/Used Vehicle Sales Attribution: 9
  • Cost per Vehicle Sold: $444
  • Service ROs generated: 131
  • Service ROs (New, not in Dealer DMS): 12
  • Service ROs (One year + dormant DMS): 11
  • Total Service RO Attribution: 23
  • Cost per Service RD Attribution: $174
  • Cost per Sale & Service RO (combined): $125